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Pub Training Manual

by Breck Yunits

December 18, 2022 — Aloha! Welcome to the team! We don't have titles here. We have a mission, customers, and jobs to be done.

Everyone here is great at a least one thing—that's why you are here. You are expected to excel at that one thing, but also to continue to grow your own abilities so you can help the team with more tasks as needed. You are also expected to always be thinking of how you can make yourself dispensable - by mentoring, recruiting, automating, et cetera. Your job in addition to shipping your tasks is to make sure we can succeed in our mission without you.


Here are the main things to be done. The more skills you learn the more work we will have for you.

CancerDB.com Content

PLDB.com Content


CancerDB.com Customer Service

Marketing team

MusicOfAPeople.com content

LongBeach.pub content

Tree Notation Core Team

Dev team

Crypto dev team

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