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Motivational posters

March 6, 2021 โ€” Motivational posters are the key to our success.

If all you have is a hammer, you're already ahead of 1 million years of humanity.
Experience is what you get when everything goes to shit.
If you ain't having fun building it, your users ain't gonna have fun using it.
We're not paying you the lowest wage possible to work your life away.
You can't spell culture without "cult".
Nature loves to distribute things equally. Just compare the volumne of the sun to Pluto.
If you've practiced something for 10,000 hours, you still gotta watch out for the freak who is at 100,000 hours.
Don't wait for our imminent bankruptcy to get paid.
There is nothing more unimportant to us than our investors.
Plan like you might live forever Pivot like someone might shoot you tomorrow
If you aren't the freak in the world most interested in this topic, then what are you doing here?
Licenses are for losers.
Checklists are a great way for getting a lot of unimportant things done.
"Creators" are responsible for creating great content like I'm responsible for building Mauna Kea for breathing on it.
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