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Public Domain Publishing Inc. suffers complete code and data breach

All source code and data from the startup downloaded by hackers with a one line command

November 11, 2022 โ€” Public Domain Publishing Inc. reported today that hackers have made off with all source code and data from the company.

Apparently the one line bash command below allowed hackers worldwide to make off with everything:

git clone https://github.com/breck7/pd.pub.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/longbeach.pub.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/CancerDB.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/scroll.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/simoji.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/ohayo.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/jtree.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/pldb.git; git clone https://github.com/breck7/MusicOfAPeople.git;

Sources say this hacker, seen here potentially escaping to Venice via Gondola, wrote the code that allowed anyone to download a copy of all the company's source code.

The company is currently investigating reports that the hackers were complaining about long download times. Updates will be posted here.

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