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40,000 years ago somebody drew a bull in a cave and it's still visible today (the image above is a reproduction). We too want to make publications that last.

Do we have a blog?


What do we make?

Our primary business is making public domain computable encyclopedias. Our first two are PLDB and CancerDB.

PLDB helps programming language designers build the next great programming language.

CancerDB helps cancer researchers build the next great cure.

These projects are powered by our database software TrueBase and our blogging software Scroll.

What is our mission?

Every child with their own copy of humanity's best information.

How do we make money?

Anyone can sponsor research on or

You can also buy a t-shirt, hoodie or onesie (for the little ones)!

Side projects

We have some fun side projects including a data visualization studio called Ohayo, a music label called Music of a People, and the local print-at-home monthly newspapers The Long Beach Pub and The Hawai'i Pub.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

The official corporate name is Public Domain Publishing, Inc. Or if you are buying a vanity license plate PUBS.

Our office addresses are:

Delaware office

Public Domain Publishing, Inc. 651 N Broad St. Suite 206 Middletown, DE 19709

Hawai'i office

Public Domain Publishing, Inc. 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite #380 Honolulu, HI, 96814

California office

Public Domain Publishing, Inc. One World Trade Center Eighth Floor Long Beach, CA 90831

Our phone number is 1-808-727-1111


Thanks to the web design team at BerkshireHathaway for help with our corporate homepage design.




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